Aesop Rock Announces New Music Coming Soon

Rhymesayers Entertainment revealed the details earlier today.

The enigmatic Aesop Rock has new music on the way, according to his label, Rhymesayers Entertainment. Although it’s not going to be packaged in a traditional release — it will be part of the soundtrack for the video game, “Freedom Finger.” Knowing Aesop Rock, though, going the unorthodox route is his status quo. 

Announced earlier today (March 24th) on Rhyemsayer’s Instagram, the post informed fans that Aesop will be releasing three new songs, three new instrumentals, and four bonus beats. 

While the game is out now on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam, the new Aesop Rock won’t be released until April 7th; a 10” vinyl will be made available the same day.

Check out the IG post below:


Zach H