Hot! #Throwback Video: Nipsey Hussle’s “Ocean Views”

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In a small circle of chosen few, you, Nipsey, were the undisputed leader. RIP, King.

The news of Nipsey Hussle’s passing is still stuck in my throat — it’s a pill that no matter how much water I drink, it just won’t go down, it can’t go down. This man, this incredible man, left such a void in the wake of his tragic death. His absence is suffocating.

And while we can’t bring him back, we can preserve his name and memory by continuing to pay homage to his legacy by remembering all the good he did and the incredible music he provided.

In honor of Nipsey, we are posting a #ThrowbackThursday dedication to him by way of his 2016 video for “Ocean Views.”

We miss you, Nipsey. Rest in Power.

Watch “Ocean Views” below:


Zach H