Hot! Logic’s Novel, ‘Supermarket,’ Hits Number-One On New York Times’ Bestsellers List

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Congrats to Logic!

You can call him Bobby Tarrantino or Logic, but the Young Sinatra artist would probably prefer to go as Bobby Bestseller from now on — Supermarket is New York Times’ number-one best seller.

It’s no secret that Logic’s talents and interests extend past music. The multi-platinum selling artist also is infatuated with animé and comics, he loves to write prose as much as he does raps. A week ago united the latter loves by distilling his writing acumen into a book, Supermarket, and an accompanying soundtrack.

One-week later, and Supermarket (the book) is number-one on New York Times’ bestsellers list.

A story centered on a 24-year-old kid working at a mundane grocery store, Supermarket aptly demonstrates how Logic’s interests and talents cannot be pigeonholed to one lane. Logic is far too skilled for that.

Who knows where Logic’s literary journey will take him, but reaching this milestone at his first attempt is impressive and bodes well for whatever future he chooses to embark upon.

Check out his celebratory tweet below:


Zach H