Hot! Talib Kweli Delivers Touching Song, “She’s My Hero”


Kweli offers his undying support on his latest track.

Famed Brooklyn rhymer, and Hip Hop veteran, Talib Kweli has never shied away from tackling uncomfortable issues, regardless of how they would reflect on him. He’s living proof that the pen is mightier than the sword, and he always wields his weapon justly. Kweli’s most recent track, “She’s My Hero”, fits securely into his longstanding, unwavering, justice-defending rhetoric.

“She’s My Hero” centers on the unfortunate story of how a 14-year-old girl, Bresha Meadows, who was abused by her father resorted to shooting and killing him out of self-defense and desperation. Inherently, this is a tragic and traumatic case that will certainly mentally scar Meadows indefinitely. To offer his support and a helping hand, Kweli took it upon himself to celebrate this girl’s courage by making her the heroine in “She’s My Hero”.

I’d imagine the demons whispering in Meadows’ ears are unrelenting, but hopefully they’ve quieted down a little bit with Talib’s help.

Stream the purposeful track below:


Zach H