Hot! MF Doom Continues Dropping Bombs With “Notebook 03”


Keep ’em coming, Doom.

Yes sir, it’s that time of week again: time for MF Doom’s latest The Missing Notebook of Rhymes track—a joint venture with Adult Swim to release one Doom track per week for fifteen-weeks. Welcome to track number four, “Notebook 03”.

A psychedelic, otherworldly instrumental introduces “Notebook 03”; the opening solo moments serve as the perfect appetizer for Doom’s lyrical entrée. If these past several weeks have proven anything, it’s that Doom’s complex rhyme schemes are both criminally underrated, and perhaps still the best in the game—next to King Kendrick, of course. They’re impossibly dense while remaining aloof to absolute interpretation; they’re the antidote to mainstream rap’s reductive lyrical approach.

Doom effortlessly glides across this funky production to discuss a medley of offerings in the third person, including his unsteady introduction to rap and self-aware eccentric style. In the second verse, he sets off a lyrical chain reaction based off the suffix “ease”: Look, the energy is crazy / Far as he was concerned the enemy was lazy / Ahem, your attention please / Freeze, he came to seize the free cheese / Before he flees to Belize / In case you forgot to mention, squeeze these.”

Keep ’em coming, Doom.

Steam “Notebook 03″ below now:


Zach H