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Nutso embodies quality hip-hop in every track he puts his trademark stamp on, whether he’s working alongside legends like N.O.R.E. and Kool G. Rap or rocking solo. Read up on the talented Queens MC as he talks about working with legends, the independent grind, his creative process, and much more.

What’s crazy about you is that every time you put out one project, you pick up five new ones. How does that happen?

Yeah, man! We got good people around us, man. We’ve been doing this for a while. It’s hard work and our hard work, it pays off at the end of the day. We’re in the underground circuit hard. We fuck with everybody, man.

How did you build that network and buzz for yourself?

By putting out quality projects. One of the latest mixtapes I put out was with DJ Envy and Whoo Kid. That was last year and that was dope. Whoo Kid is one of the illest DJs in Queens and we had everybody on there. I had Large Pro, Blaq Poet, Nipsey Hussle, El Da Sensai, Soul Khan, Guilty Simpson, CNN, and various artists. The Mr. Collabo mixtape was also a dope release fully DJ’d by DJ Skizz that was basically all the collab’s I’ve done, part 2 on the way. Twitter plays a big part to direct traffic to my site’s so networking is an all day task.

How do you make collaborations work and make sure the chemistry is there?

I just be me, man. I never try to portray somebody that I ain’t just because that rapper is rapping about that topic or situation. I just go with the flow, man. Nutso is Nutso. The name is self-explanatory! But at the end of the day, it’s all about doing good music. Any time I collaborate with another MC, I always try to stand out. That’s what entertainment is about.

What’s your song-making process like?

We mess with so many producers. They’ll send four or five beats and see which ones I feel. I sit down and let them marinate for a week or two and then I’ll get back to them about what I’m feeling and what beats I need for which projects. I just basically go with the flow, man. Whatever mood I’m feeling, I go with it. But if there’s a project produced by one producer, that always takes as little bit of time because out of 20 beats, I might feel five and then he’s gotta bless me with another five if we’re doing ten songs. Everything’s gotta come together.

How do you decide when to do a project with a producer and when it’s something you can’t take on?

Basically what I do, in this day and time, all them high class producers, if they holla, then I’m definitely going to snatch a beat off of them. But I really mess with a lot of underrated dudes in the game because at the end of the day, they end up being nicer than a lot of dudes that are already in the game. I’m being honest.

Do you get a different type of beats from international producers?

Oh, hell yeah, man! They rep the boom-bap, man. The original! I’ll definitely go with the boom-bap and anything uptempo, I’ll go with it as long as it sounds right and the vibe is good. I’ll rock with it. As an MC, you gotta feel the beat. It doesn’t matter what anybody else says. If it’s a business move and somebody wants you on a song, you still be you. But as far as my projects, I’m definitely real picky when it comes to the beats. I want that hard shit and I gotta get it. If I want that smooth shit and we gotta talk about the ladies, then I’ll go in that lane. But it’s definitely with what you feel as an MC. That’s the first thing. Dudes overseas like the Snowgoons and Effiscienz crew, those guys are real dope, man.

I also don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say you have at least 20 project in the works. What are you most excited about?

I just finished Behind the Bars and I’m real proud of that. It’s doing its numbers and it’s circulating. It’s dope, man. We did the video for “Blowing Up” with Royal Flush and Shabaam Sahdeeq. DJ Doom was on there and J57 from the Brown Bag All-Stars. AG Da Coroner and Camiliano was on there. Tango Beats and DJ Supa Dave was on there. Mr. Green also produced on there. I had a blast doing that EP. We did a release party for it and people came by and supported. But right now, with what’s on the waiting list, we got the first single out with Wais P and Punchline. That’s coming on The 5th Seal Free EP and that’ll be out this month. I’m definitely looking forward to that. I got artists that are going to blow your mind on it, like Mic Geronimo. That’s my Queens icon. Kool G. Rap and Meyhem Lauren are on it. AG da Coroner, Meyhem Lauren, DJ J-Love and everything is produced by 5th Seal. That is definitely going to be an EP that all of my fans can look forward to. That’s going to be dope. Look for the 2nd single “Pain” about to hit the street’s soon which is going to be a totally different song from Nutso that most are used to hearing. Video is being done also! But for right now, we’re going to release a loose cannon along with this interview, a song and video, titled “No Sleep,” produced by Terminal Five.
Hope yall enjoy it.

I also got the Western Union mixtape coming [Nutso featuring most of the West Coast MC’s]. That’s coming up late spring. DJ Skee and DJ Nik Bean are all over the mixtape and they’re going to be hosting it. I’m working with Dee Metto from Switzerland on a Free EP and DJ Low Cut from Paris on an album [that’s already completed]. It’s a lot of dope producers. And shout out to DJ Modesty. That’s my dude and he’s laying it down too.

You’ve worked with a lot of legendary artists. What’s it like working with a Mic Geronimo or Kool G. Rap?

Oh, man, working with them is nothing, man. These are dudes I grew up with, man, seeing them in the ‘hood and at parties. Freestyles and concerts and shit. We’ve seen each other at Fat Beats, battles…I grew up with all those dudes. Joell Ortiz is doing his thing and shout out to Necro. These are dudes I grew up with and doing music with them is nothing. And going to the studio, everybody brings their own stuff and some shorties and that’s how we’re rocking. It’s a comfortable atmosphere and it’s fun.

Is it ever intimidating working with someone like N.O.R.E. or G. Rap?

Oh, man, never. It’s inspiration. I’m inspired by them. These dudes set down the open lane for us to get in. When I see them it’s not like another artist or another fan seeing them, like, ‘Oh, shit, you’re G. Rap!’ These are dudes I grew up with. I’m from Queens. It’s nothing. It’s like a walk around the park, man. But it’s definitely respect due and I’m definitely a fan of their music, so it’s always good vibes when we’re in the studio rocking together.

What was it like shooting the “Galaxy of Queens” video?

Oh, man, that was so dope. Everything was just out of the blue. The artists that were on it, they rock with me and Tragedy Khadafi came through to do the chorus. Royal Flush of course & Cormega slid thru too. We had Queens legends on there and it was dope, man. Queens definitely was connected that day. Capone-N-Noreaga came together for the first time in a long time after their beef’s so it was a special day. Shout to Lord Nez, AG da Coroner, and everyone who came to hang out and show love.

With everything that you’ve accomplished so far, what are you most proud of?

Traveling, man. Traveling. This December, man, I went to Japan and rocked out three shows. They called me up last week and I went over again with El Da Sensei then made a stop at Hawaii and Cali so that was an amazing trip. Even a few years back I went on tour with The Beatnuts and Big Noyd and Cappadonna from Wu-Tang then hit the Canary Islands with Craig G. from the Juice Crew and Redman for an outside festival. This is hip-hop. This is what we gotta do, man. It’s great to see the world by doing what you love ya know. We are very appreciative of every fan so we thank you and everyone down with us #TeamNutsoPPM!
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