Hot! Kanye West’s Album Titled “Yeezus” reports that Kanye’s upcoming album, which drops June 18th, will be titled “Yeezus.” Kanye West premiered the first single, “New Slaves” last night via video projections on 66 buildings around the world. Yeezy also appears in tonight’s season finale of SNL on NBC. After the jump, check out the premiere of New slaves on Prada’s 5th Avenue store. 

After 2 no shows. One on 27th & 6th & another a F.I.T. andddddd missing the premiere at Columbus Circle. I met 2 cool dudes waiting at FIT & decided to split the cab fare 3 Ways & made it JUST in time for the last showing. We watched the premiere & was advised to wait 15 minutes for the truck come around. “It would be worth wait we were told” While speculating I asked some folks what they thought was going to happen. The truck pulls around for another encore & we’re expecting Kanye to perform…. The video plays….. It Finishes. And nothing happens…. Kanye was on the corner of 5th Ave…. Watching us as we’re watching him on the wall & gracefully disappears into the city in his Maybach….. EPIC!