Jim Jones Speaks His Frustrations On “The People”

Produced by Harry Fraud.

Retaliation reveals itself in a medley of ways. Some people choose to peacefully protest; some donate to the respective reform; some shout in defiance; and there is plenty of overlap with plenty of in-between. And while each form benefits in their unique ways, leveraging art to propagate a message retains its own special sense of power. 

Responding to the perpetual system racism plaguing Black Americans, most recently manifested by Georg Floyd’s murder, Jim Jones has linked with Harry Fraud for the profound protest single, “The People.”

Jim Jones uses the soulful production to eloquently offer his position and speak his mind on these grave injustices. “The People” acts as a mirror to both these recent isolated incidents; the overall, extensive bigotry imposed on Black America; and a result of that anguish. 

It’s a person hurting, asking questions, and demanding answers. Not just for himself, but for his people.

Listen to Jim Jones’ “The People” below:


Zach H