Hot! Jay Electronica Drops Off Rare Verse On Rosie Lowe’s “The Way”

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 5.55.31 PM

Leave it to a British songstress to get Jay out of hiding.

Getting a verse from Jay Electronica is about just as rare as not hitting traffic on the 405 in L.A. during rush hour — simply, it just doesn’t happen. But somehow, British singer Rosie Lowe managed to get Jay out of hiding to lay down a 16 on “The Way” off her new album, YU, which drops at midnight tonight.

Perhaps even more surprising that Jay’s actual verse is the beat he’s rapping over. A poppy, synthed-out instrumental that makes perfect sense for a songstress like Lowe provides the sonic springboard for Electronica to lyrically bounce across. But given his superior skills and enigmatic status, it ironically makes sense that he would choose this beat of all beats to re-inject himself into the music media narrative.

Listen to “The Way” below:


Zach H