Hot! David Letterman to Have Jay Z on as Next Guest

hov Hov has some input on what makes a good rapper. Famed late night host, David Letterman, walked away from his The Tonight Show desk to enjoy a well-deserved life of leisure. An intended retirement, that leisurely next stage proved to only be a sabbatical, as the freshly-bearded Letterman recently inked a Netflix deal to produce an interview show. So far, he’s had guests like Barack Obama and George Clooney, but his next guest, sounds very interesting: Jay Z. In a short teaser trailer of their conversation, Hov addresses some fascinating topics, including what makes a good rapper. Citing Snoop and Eminem as rappers who’ve mastered their craft through different methods: Snoop with the voice, and Em with the rapid-fire flow. And some, well, some “just have it all”. Watch the trailer below:


Zach H