Hot! Bodega Bamz Keeps it Real on “Clout”


He never does it for the likes.

Harlem’s Bodega Bamz has never been one to filter his opinions or mask his feelings–whatever he feels, he says. This candor have helped the 33-year-old artist achieve underground success by establishing an authentic, relatable brand. Taking aim at the current “clout chasers”, Bamz is back with his newest single, “Clout”, off his upcoming project, P.A.P.I.

Touting veritability, “Clout” is Bamz’ proclamation that he never lives life according to what will get him likes–he does stuff the he likes. Over a funky, dark, bass guitar driven production, Bamz continues describing why he’s one of the realest in the game–from describing his accolades to his general demeanor.

Stream “Clout” below, and be on the lookout for Bamz’ album, P.A.P.I., dropping April 13th:


Zach H