Hot! Cashmere – The ProfileWild Interview

When it comes to putting in work, Brooklyn’s Cashmere is no stranger. From grinding on the mixtapes back in the 2000s with game-changers like Kay Slay to taking the independent route with both middle fingers to the sky, Cashmere has meticulously mapped his own path in the game while building an organic following of loyal listeners. This past December, Cashmere finally released his long-awaited album Ready to Live, thanks in large part to new business partner and Sound Unity Entertainment founder DJ B.Original. In an exclusive interview with ProfileWild, Cash discusses his evolution as an artist, what it took to get Ready to Live out, his move from Brooklyn to L.A., and much more.

Some quotes from the feature:

On finally releasing Ready to Live:

It’s great to have it out. Going through what we did making it was crazy, but it’s great. DJ B.Original executive-produced the whole thing, basically, but I had tracks done before I got with him. But when I got with him, it was like a crazy way to do it. I’m just happy that it’s out and that everybody is loving it. Slowly but surely, it’s taking its time. It’s a real great album, man. Dope album.

On repping New York:

Before I recorded the album, I was going somewhere else, but I really needed a foundation for the album. It’s just really important that I represent where I come from, East New York, one of the most craziest neighborhoods in the world, probably. I just felt like I had to rep New York to the fullest. New York needs a sound right now and I feel like I did an excellent job providing that. Especially B.Original, he did a great job providing it crazy. He really brought that out of me with crazy. I feel like with the lyrics and with our chemistry, it was just undeniable and it really made the album what it is.

On being influenced by Biggie and Ready to Die:

It was influenced by that, and definitely influenced by Biggie and Ready to Die and just being ready to live. I was living that “ready to die” life and now I’m ready to live. My last project that I dropped, which was nominated for Underground Album of the Year at the Underground Music Awards, big shout out to Jesse, was called Take Me Away because I wanted to be taken away from the hood and all the problems and stress and anything that’s got to do with the negative, and that album started to do that for me so for this project, I asked and told God that I’m ready to live. I’m ready to live freely and live the life that I dreamed of and the life that I want to live, take care of my family and my kids. Just ready to live and ready to be free. Not afraid to live. I’m ready to live, ready to express myself.

On his deeply personal song “Imperfect Father”:

Recording that track, I must have cried so much, speaking to my firstborn son, just letting him know the truth because he came up in a broken home. Me and his mother broke up and it’s hard, me being an artist and traveling and doing this and trying to do that and trying to take care of a kid that’s far away and having to go back and see him and you gotta send money and that’s gotta be there. It’s just difficult, real difficult. And me and his mother weren’t getting along real well until she heard that song as well, to be honest with you. And she called me and she understood as well. That song sums up what I been shoulda did and I had to get it off my chest and let him know the truth about why me and his mother aren’t together and why he’s in this predicament and don’t worry and don’t try to handle everything yourself. I let him know I made mistakes and that we all make mistakes and I’m just letting him know that I’m here for him no matter what and i love him with every ounce of my soul. It has significance for everything and it’s just a great record.