THE YUTE$ “Bring It Back” On New Single

The brother duo is back. 

The Yutes, the Jamaican-bred brother duo comprised of ChrisNI and Santris, distill varying influences — including trap, reggae, and dancehall — to formulate a distinct style that pushes the creative envelope. Continuing that boundary-pushing mindset, The Yutes return with their new single, “Bring It Back.” 

Producer Halfway provides a layered trap instrumental — anchored by heavy 808s — for them to effortlessly flow across as they flex their musical muscle. As brothers with a singular goal, The Yutes’ chemistry shines on the back of the textured soundscape.

“Bring It Back” is The Yutes’ first single of the year, and follows their 2019 track, “Jungle Justice.”

Listen to “Bring It Back” below:



Zach H