Hot! The Audible Doctor Beat Contest is Live!

It’s finally here! Audible Doctor’s been setting the world on fire with his latest tracks, from his work with his Brown Bag All-Stars crew to an album with Fredro Starr and tracks with 50 Cent. Now he’s giving up-and-coming artists the chance to work with him. Here’s how it works. AD gets a vote, HHG gets a vote, and the fans get a vote. If there’s a tie or no consensus is reached, there will be a run-off with the three candidates. Voting is live below and will close next Wednesday at 11:59 pm EST.

Check out the artists who made the cut and cast your vote for the dopest.

The Audible Doctor Beat Contest by thehhgbattles

Who deserves to win a beat from Audible Doctor?
DB Cutlass
Yser One
Smoov Jones
Chris Morris
G. King
Jimmy E.L.E.
Smokey Daniels
Donny G.

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