Hot! RZA Directs 2019 Release, ‘Cut Throat City’


Starring Wesley Snipes, Terrance Howard, T.I., and more.

The almighty RZA–the architect behind the legendary Wu-Tang Clan–might have began his illustrious career behind the boards, but he certainly hasn’t remained there. An entertainment Swiss Army knife, RZA has found success in rapping, producing, acting, design, fashion–seemingly every vertical in the entertainment industry. He continues to supplement his tool belt with his upcoming film, Cut Throat City–a RZA-directed project.

Centered around Hurricane Katrina’s disastrous effects on New Orleans, the film features Wesley Snipes, Terrance Howard, T.I., Shameik Moore, Demetrius Shipp Jr.–four childhood friends who’ve lost everything in the wake of the hurricane, and plot a heist in retaliation.

Speaking with HipHopDX, RZA told them, “I felt like what these four guys was going through was similar to what we go through in my neighborhood … Just being men who, based on environment and unfortunate conditions, sometimes is pushed to do acts of desperation.”

Cut Throat City will be released sometime during 2019. Watch the film’s teaser trailer below:


Zach H