Hot! Reason Delivers Strong XXL Freestyle

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TDE’s got another one up their sleeve.

Top Dawg Entertainment, TDE, has a penchant for scouring hip-hop’s corners and alleys to discover the industry’s finest diamonds in the rough. Jay Rock was their inaugural signing in 2004; Kendrick quickly followed in 2005. The former is now a bonafide rap star; the latter is consistently mentioned in the same breath as the most popular artists–across all genres. TDE’s CEO, Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, might have just done it again by signing Carson, CA’s Reason.

The 28-year-old rapper made his official debut back in late September with There You Have It–a re-release of his May 2017 mixtape. A raw distillation of his conceptual and lyrical abilities, There You Have It serves as a strong suggestion of Reason’s potential in this game; it’s far from perfect, but like watching an NBA player’s high school mixtape, it shows tremendous promise. In a recent XXL freestyle, Reason continues to prove why audiences should keep an eye on him, and expect his momentum to strengthen with time and maturation.

Delivering a medley of metaphors and wordplay, Reason uses the acapella environment to illuminate his storytelling aptitude and why he doesn’t, and shouldn’t, rely on instrumental supplementation to craft an engaging song. His words are spoken with an unteachable authenticity, making the themes explored palpable.

See what TDE’s next-up has to say in his XXL freestyle below:


Zach H