Rap Snacks Honors Biggie With Two New Flavors

Introducing Cookout BBQ Sauce and Honey Jalapeño.

Tributes come in all shapes and sizes. Whether someone pens a song, paints a mural, writes a poem, paying homage to someone who’s offered inspiration is the ultimate sign of respect. The legendary Notorious B.I.G. has been honored time and again through the aforementioned mediums, but recently, he received a more novel tribute: receiving two new Rap Snacks flavors.

The popular hip-hop snack company created Cookout BBQ Sauce and Honey Jalapeño to honor Biggie’s legacy. These new flavors are the product of a partnership between the Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation and Rap Snacks’ “Boss Up” foundation. 

Rap Snacks’ CEO, James Lindsay, remarked on the importance of partnering with an icon of Biggie’s stature — not only to honor the fallen pioneer, but also to continue pushing the culture forward.

Check out the Cookout BBQ Sauce and Honey Jalapeño bag designs below:


Zach H