Hot! Problem Address His Issues on “Stressin”


When in doubt, combat the stress by rolling one up.

Compton’s Problem embodies the gritty roots of his West Coast hip-hop foundation. A respected lyricist, Problem has achieved success off the strength of working with a spectrum of hip-hop’s best, and issuing various projects. The Separation, one of his best, dropped five-years ago. To commemorate this release, Problem dropped his new song, “Stressin”, yesterday.

Coming in at sub-three-minutes, “Stressin” is a rendition of Nas’ classic “Memory Lane” by  mixing the original’s core beats with West Coast vibes. Problem cathartically uses “Stressin” to depressurize his mind from the varying factors weighing on his psyche. From baby mommas to the unjust death of black people, Problem has a lot of issues to sort through. But in times of severe stress, one constant always remedies his plagued mindstate: weed. We can always count on the healing powers of Mary Jane.

Stream “Stressin” below:


Zach H