Hot! Pac Div Releases New Album, ‘1st Baptist’


Their first album in six-years.

Southern California trio, Pac Div, has found comfort at hip-hop’s margins, existing underneath the surface of glitz, glamor, expensive whips, and icy chains to impart songs rife with dense lyrics, concepts, and ultimately, soul. While their lack of superficiality might have suppressed their popularity, Pac Div has strung together a laudable career. A respected group who’s collaborated with the likes of Mac Miller and Ty Dolla $ign, Pac Div took a prolonged hiatus for the better part of a decade, depriving fans of their laidback synergistic sonics. They’ve been festering, plotting, and strategizing. Now, we’ve finally received their first product in six-years, 1st Baptist— a product of patience, chemistry, and introspection.

Stream Pac Div’s brand new album below:


Zach H