Hot! Nipsey Hussle Upset That Radio Stations Are Not Playing “FDT”


We need this track on repeat now more than ever!

At his outset, Donald Trump was at best an unqualified candidate with extremely limited upside potential. Eight-months into the Trump America reality, the aforementioned hope has materialized as wishful thinking, as Trump’s poisonous perspective has proven ill-equipped to lead our country; take your pick of disasters that have occurred so far. One man who has taken notice of Trump’s shortcomings—as if that’s difficult—is West Coast rapper, Nipsey Hussle.

Teaming up with fellow California spitter, YG, the two released one of Hip Hop’s best political tracks, “FDT” during the 2016 campaign. It was an anthem for all Hillary supporters, and the bane of Trump voters’ existence. Naturally divisive, “FDT” aimed to strip-down Trump to his poorly-constructed studs: a bigoted imbecile incapable of bipartisan leadership.

Recently, Nipsey voiced his annoyance towards Hip Hop stations for their refusal of spinning the record. On an IG video, he specifically calls out LA’s Power 106 and New York’s famed Hot 97 for being scared to play the record. Encouraging the Hip Hop purveyors to do their part by spreading the artist’s word, Nipsey is visibly upset by their lack of cooperation and silence. “We did our job as artists!! Y’all ain’t doing y’all job as DJs and radio stations!!!” Nipsey wrote across his IG video.

In a time of political turmoil, sometimes we need to be reminded of a simple yet effective stance: “Fuck Donald Trump”.

Watch Nipsey’s IG video below:

Y’all not spose to rep on twitter USE YO PLATFORM @hot97 @hot1079atl ?@yg #FDT

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