Hot! Nicki Minaj Promises Boom-Bap on Upcoming ‘Queen’ Album


Nicki expects big thing for ‘Queen’.

It’s no secret that trap beats dominate modern hip-hop production. From Metro Boomin’ to Murda Beatz, the majority of today’s producers heavily rely on the staple trap sounds. Nicki Minaj intends to deviate from that.

After recently releasing the cover art to her forthcoming album, Queen, Nicki spoke with ELLE magazine, informing them of her ambitious musical vision. Stating that she won’t employ trap production because “everyone’s doing that shit,” Nicki proudly said that Queen will predominantly be boom-bap and ‘80s-inspired production.

Keen on reclaiming her throne as the best female rapper, Nicki wants to change music by moving it forward through sonic experimentation. “I feel like true icons shift music, uplift music, switch music, have the balls to take a chance,” she noted.

Queen is due out August 10th.



Zach H