Murs & Dee-1 Voice Frustrations On “2 Dark Skin, 2 Light Skin” Video

A joint from their upcoming collab album.

Christian rapper Dee-1 and Murs are no strangers to collaboration. The two have worked together on a number of tracks — including “Dream On” and “They Don’t Want Me To Win” — and are currently working on a joint album. They’ve already dropped the lead single, “No Pictures Of Jesus,” and have recently followed this up with “2 Dark Skin, 2 Light Skin.” Now, they’ve come through with the latter’s official music video.

Dee-1 and Murs’ earned chemistry isn’t restricted to the music they make; they also demonstrate a kinship on-screen. The “2 Dark Skin, 2 Light Skin” visual opens with the two protagonists courting a couple of unconvinced ladies, which correlates perfectly with the song’s theme of frustration with some women’s skin hue preferences. “I’m too light skin, she said she don’t date light skin dudes,” Dee-1 complains on his first verse. 

Murs completes the circle of annoyance, as he raps, “She like you dark skin, dirty, and you probably don’t bathe” on his portion.

Directed by Justin Marmostein, the visual is an homage of sorts to ‘90s tropes: from the bright colors to the cultural references (i.e. The Simpsons), the “2 Dark Skin, 2 Light Skin” video will make ‘90s babies feel right at home.

Check out the “2 Dark Skin, 2 Light Skin” video below:


Zach H