Hot! Meek Mill to Make SNL Debut

meek-mill-sat-the-2018-essence-festival-in-new-orleans-july-7-2018 (1)

Meek’s taking the iconic comedy stage on January 26th.

Meek Mill is the physical manifestation of resilience. A man who’s experienced a sickening amount of hardship throughout his life, these austerities did not cease stalking Meek just because he triumphantly realized his dreams of becoming a perennial rapper–contrarily, they worsened with his rising star.

From dealing with the inevitable repercussions that accompany an unjust probation–one that has lasted over 15-years for a crime committed as a teenager–Meek represents young black men having a proverbial target on their backs; the hunter, the legal system. But since his last prison stint, Meek has leveraged this adversity to bolster his career, allowing him to reach new heights, to transcend his once damned existence. All of this came to a head with the release of his acclaimed 2018 album, the aptly titled, Championships.

Meek has received an overwhelming amount of support from disparate sources: Ellen had him on his show; the billionaire Sixers co-owner, Michael Rubin, calls Meek a friend; Rick Ross and Jay Z offered memorable verses condemning American mistreatment of black people on the Championships track, “What’s Free?” On January 26th, another community will embrace Meek: Saturday Night Live.

Making his debut SNL musical appearance, Meek’s impending performance on one of comedy’s greatest stages is a testament to how far he’s come and how far he’s going to continue to go. He and his music have prevailed. As German philosopher Nietzsche once profoundly proclaimed, “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.”

It was only one-year-ago that Meek was relegated to an orange jumpsuit, surveying life through an imprisoned lens. One-year later, Meek will be joining movie star James McAvoy as the show’s guest personalities for one of TV’s most iconic shows.


Zach H