Lupe Fiasco Unearths “Hey Lupe”


One from the vault finally gets released.

With such a decorated career, spanning nearly two-decades and a collection of iconic albums, Lupe Fiasco has cemented his legacy; he’s securely one of the game’s more assiduous artists. An iceberg of a musician, only the tip of Lupe’s storied career, however, formulates his legendary status. Underneath the belly of albums like Food & Liquor and The Cool exists a deep musical catalogue, replete with lesser known tracks, hidden gems, and unreleased joints. Recently, Lupe opened the vault to bless the community with one of those songs.

Prior to Lupe dropping Food & Liquor in 2006, he recorded a song entitled “Hey Lupe.” While it remained in somewhat of a musical purgatory throughout the previous decade, it finally appeared on a 2010 mixtape, Vintage Fiasco. Recently, this fabled song deservedly received the video fans had been waiting for.

Co-founder of Lupe’s label, 1st & 15th, Charles “Chill” Patton, spoke with The FADER, clueing them in on the song’s intricate past, “I got the beat from the producer and played it twice for Lu while we were riding in a white Suburban, 20 minutes later we made it to the studio and he immediately went in and knocked out the whole song — verses, hook, adlibs, etc. It was natural for him, but not so natural for me to see this, and I had been around some of the greats. This is when I knew he was a Monster!! It’s been in the vaults for many years, and now we are excited to share it with his fans.”

Watch the “Hey Lupe” video below:


Zach H