Hot! Ludacris Fans Have a Very Important Message for Donald Trump


Hey Donald, did you hear that?

Ludacris is the gift that keeps on giving. Of course, he bestowed upon us some classic Hip Hop gems, like “Get Back” and “Pimpin’ All Over The World”, but one of his most successful hits is being repurposed in an unconventional fashion: to send Donald J. Trump a loud, direct message. Hey Donald, in the words of Luda, “Move bitch, get out the way.”

During a recent anti-Trump rally—those seem to be accruing interest with each passing day of his presidency—protestors summoned their inner-Luda by channeling his wise words yelled across his 2001 hit, “Move Bitch”. In retaliation to the atrocities taken place recently at Charlottesville, protestors didn’t mince words regarding their feelings towards the 45th POTUS. In a society that’s growing understandably frustrated with the orange demagogue (who looked directly at yesterday’s solar eclipse—idiot), it seems like these types of rallies will grow before they slow. And rightfully so—Trump continues to demonstrate his inadequacy.

Ludacris rejoiced in the rally, as he took to his Instagram to post a video of the protestors, along with a terse yet powerful hashtag: #MoveTrump (fist emoji).

Take a look at Luda’s video below, and let’s all pray that impeachment is around the corner:

#MoveTrump ✊

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