Hot! Kendrick Lamar Talks Remix With Jay-Z

While at SXSW, Kendrick Lamar tells MTV what it feels like to have Jay-Z on his “Don’t Kill My Vibe” remix.

“Ah, man, I can’t really speak too much on it, I just know it’s in the air right now,I can’t — it’s under wraps. It’s all love. That’s the big homey. It’s one of them things, you know, you live up to and one of them moments to really challenge yourself and say ‘OK, that’s how I come in. Always looked up to the greats to be a great.’ So to actually be on a track with him, it’s an accomplishment.”

Young Guru previewed the song earlier last week during a SXSW party at the Empire Auto Space. Hopefully the label releases the song soon..

“The next musical release?” Kendrick asked coyly. “Probably ‘Kill My Vibe.’ ‘Kill My Vibe,’ yeah. I don’t know about that [official video], I don’ t know about that. Probably get the release sooner or later.”