Kemba Releases Debut Album, ‘Gilda’


Kemba has officially arrived.

A few years ago, Kendrick Lamar made a grand statement: Kemba’s got next. No, not the Celtics’ point guard — the burgeoning Bronx lyricist. After releasing some well-received projects, including Negus, Kemba has made his official major label debut with his Republic Records’ release, Gilda.

A 15-track, 41-minute, journey, Gilda recruits Kemba’s diverse musicality that coalesces beautifully with his pensive writing to create a captivating musical experience. Joining Kemba on his debut record are Smino, Portugal. The Man, Eric Bellinger, Jagged Edge, and more.

It’s been a long grind for the 28-going-on-29-year-old artist, but anything worth having requires the necessary perseverance and mentality to bring it to fruition. With Gilda, Kemba has arrived.

Listen to Gilda below:


Zach H