Casanova Announces New Album With Single, “Stay With It”


Behind These Scars drops on October 11th.

Brooklyn’s Casanova is proudly keeping hip-hop’s lyrical spirit alive with his pensive bars and messages. An artist who’s impressively maintained artistic integrity, the 32-year-old rapper acts as a bridge between the Golden Age and current wave. Today, he’s announced his next album, Behind These Scars, on the back of the lead single, “Stay With It.”

Bearing his soul on a vulnerable offering, Casanova sets an intriguing tone for what’s to come on his forthcoming project. On his social media, he wrote, “It’s no secret that I’ve been through a lot. This body of work will invite you into my world.”

On October 11th, we’ll hear his story in full detail with Behind These Scars’ release.

Listen to “Stay With It” below:


Zach H