Hot! Video Just Blaze & Young Guru Talk Rocafella Days, Cam’ron, Freeway and more

Just Blaze and Young Guru sit down for a conversation on Hard Knock TV. In Part 2 Just Blaze and Young Guru start off talking about early Rocafella days and how they think there won’t be a conglomerate like that again for several reasons. As the interview continues they share stories of how Keep It Real Wednesdays came about and how producers would get laughed out of the studio if they didn’t bring their a game. Just Blaze goes on to say how he decided who got what beats including stories of how Cam’ron got the beat for Welcome to New York City so Jay-Z could jump on the track and how Just Blaze made the beat for Roc Da Mic for Freeway and then Beanie Sigel heard it and jumped on it.