Hot! John Wall Pays Homage to Tupac and Lil Wayne


John Wall is a true Hip Hop Stan.

Paying homage is necessary for Hip Hop’s advancement—we can’t go forward without appreciating who paved the way. No one is more familiar with that sentiment than Washington Wizard’s All Star point guard, John Wall.

Recently, the former Kentucky Wildcat unveiled some brand new ink on his thigh that is the ultimate manifestation of paying homage: 2Pac and Lil Wayne portraits. Choosing iconic images of these musical legends (when 2Pac spat at reporters in his Detroit Red Wings jersey, and the baby Wayne face from the Tha Carter III album cover), Wall is making a bold statement of where his Hip Hop allegiance and appreciation lies.

He revealed the freshly-inked faces via his Instagram with a caption that further contextualizes his reasoning, “Tupac, Baby wayne @liltunechi, Wolf Wall… All these tattoos define my upbringing thru music and who I am!!” The “Wolf Wall” shoutout references a preexisting wolf tattoo adjacent to the new tats.

If there was every any uncertainty of who helped shape John Wall’s musical identity, those doubts are now indefinitely silenced.

Check out the tattoos in the below image:


Zach H