Hot! John Legend Pleads Kanye to Reconsider Trump Allegiance

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Kanye can’t be managed.

A revitalized social media contributor, Kanye West is once again back in the Twitter–and national media–spotlight. Between cryptic self-help advice and doubling-down on his Trump patronage, Yeezy is as Yeezy as ever; his actions, however, are causing growing concern amongst his fan surrounding his mental health. Fans aren’t the only ones concerned about his well-being, as longtime friend and GOOD Music signee, John Legend, reached out through text to try and level with his friend.

Pleading Ye to reconsider his Trump alliance, John tells Kanye that he’s too important, too influential to be broadcasting such a disturbing message. Essentially, John is beggin Kanye to reposition his political allegiance for the sake of the culture, for the sake of humanity. Appreciative of his friend’s advice, Kanye goes on to harp on his independence, and how fans’ collective worry shouldn’t be manifested as a weapon to persuade his opinion. As I said: Yeezy is as Yeezy ever.

Check out the text exchange below:


Zach H