Jim Jones Announces Consultancy Firm For Artists

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If you’re looking to bolster your music career, hit up Jim.

Being part of a legendary hip-hop group, having enough street cred for 10 lives, and a collection of classic hits, Jim Jones is in a rare position to provide counseling and advice to aspiring artists. Leveraging his decorated background, Jones is intent on doing just that — the Bronx native will be opening his own artist consultancy firm.

With roughly 22-years of professional experience, Jim Jones has been privy to the most exclusive aspects of the music industry abyss; he’s developed one of the most deft compasses for navigating the murky waters.

Revealed on his Instagram through a screen shot of a text conversation, Jones captioned the picture — which shows a text saying, “Hey Jim, when can you send over your fee for consulting per month? And what that’s gonna include. Thank you!” — by remarking on how his multi-decade experience and perspective will foster guidance for his clients.

A successful individual outside of just music, Jim has cashed in on business ventures with Dame Dash and reality show deals with VH1.

Check out the IG post below:

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Wit all th knowledge I’ve acquired over th years of being successful in this industry wit all th artist I helped put in positions to make they dreams come true as far as being a rapper n makin more money thn they thought they ever would All th labels I’ve helped consulted or even work as an executive at All th free game I gave to artist/execs/producers who wanted to b in this game All th barriers I broke by takin a risk where there no risk there is no reward All th obstacles I’ve overcame in my years of being here and able to still b relevant How to keep th money after u make it just a few of th many traits I’ve gained though out my career I’m now startin my own consultant firm stay tuned for more details This is wht I really love to do help others n make it count

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