Hot! Jay Rock Unleashes “Win” Video


F**k everything else–win, win, win!

Top Dawg Entertainment has impressively asserted itself as the industry’s premier hip-hop label. With Kendrick Lamar at the helm, TDE consistently propels the genre forward by taking creative risks and never conforming to trends or gimmicks–and always, always placing a premium on lyricism, storytelling, and originality.

Foundational artist, and member of the label’s flagship subgroup Black Hippy, Jay Rock has strongly contributed to this latter mindset, despite being the label’s unsung hero. With his last album, 90059, flirting with its third anniversary, fans are itching for new material from the Watts-raised artist. Today, he’s satiated these ravenous fans with the music video for his recently-released single, “Win”.

The lead single off his forthcoming album, Redemption, “Win” is an energetic victory anthem that shows the 33-year-old rapper on his hip-hop Tony Robbins flow by encouraging the ultimate human goal: win. It’s as simple as that–just win.

Complementing his new album’s name, this video erupts with top-tier production value, and the presumed accompanying budget, by showcasing our protagonist confidently walking out on a runway lined with upbeat trumpeters as if he’s being reintroduced in his team’s starting lineup post injury. Inter-spliced barrages of vibrant imagery nestle themselves in between the album’s cornerstone visuals of trumpeters and an ominous LA skyline to formulate the video’s unique aesthetic. Given the videos for the Black Panther album, the “Win” visual is right on-par with the level of creative excellence TDE is accustomed with.

Check out the “Win” video below, and stream Redemption on June 15th:


Zach H