Hot! Jay Rock Recruits Tee Grizzley on “Shit Real”


The long-awaited collaboration has finally surfaced.

As hip-hop has matured and transcended its once lone utility of expression for society’s marginalized, it’s deemphasized the importance of regional sound in favor of sonic ubiquity. With most artists adopting the melodic brand, it can be difficult to differentiate artists’ hometowns solely based off their sounds.

However, some remain loyal to their area’s charm and distinct qualities while still offering an updated spin on their foundational sound. Watts-raised Jay Rock is one of the lone members whose artistic integrity has fostered his popularity and California hip-hop homage. On his track released today, “Shit Real” featuring Tee Grizzley, that sentiment is brought to a head.

Rapping over a Swish beat, Jay laces his staple Cali swag and flow over the dynamic trap instrumental that sinks into its minimalist base while getting revived by the strategically-placed snares and 808s. Complementing both Jay’s rugged style and the hyphy instrumental well, Tee Grizzley leverages his adaptable sound to offer an engaging feature.

Originally teased over one-year-ago, and hoped to have been featured on Jay Rock’s 2018 Redemption, the Jay Rock x Tee Grizzley collaboration is finally here, and it begs for future joint tracks from these two.

Listen to “Shit Real” below:


Zach H