Hot! J. Cole Releases “Album Of The Year” Freestyle

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Exclusively released by WorldStarHipHop.

This past Monday, J. Cole sent out an inspiring tweet reading, “Feed me beats. Everything gettin murdered.” A dynamic musician who typically raps over his own instrumentals, this announcement was equal parts exciting and puzzling–puzzling that a man who is so confident in his own abilities would welcome outside creative direction. Well, it’s only been a couple of days, and it seems like Cole has made good on that promise with the release of his new freestyle and video, “Album of The Year”.

Starting off with words on screen that read, “What you are about to witness is a master class on preparation. THE OFF-SEASON,” Cole engages the viewer before even uttering a word. Could it be that Cole is teasing a new mixtape or album?

Spitting furiously over Nas’ 2001 hit, “Oochie Wally”, Cole unabashedly discusses why he is one of, or in his opinion “the”, greatest current rappers, saying that he’s “half man, half amazing” and how “little rappers you ain’t shit until you got offers in Prague”. Staying on-brand for his 2018 release KOD, Cole goes on to discuss the current drug game and how it relates to systematic injustice and more.

By both directly and indirectly, through his superior lyricism and flow, proving his above average hip-hop command, Cole generates excitement for this teased THE OFF-SEASON project.

Check out the “Album Of The Year” freestyle below:


Zach H