Hot! Freshly Signed TDE Artist, Reason, Releases New Single, “The Soul”


The Del Amo-based artist is off to a strong start.

West Coast-based Top Dawg Entertainment has impressively built itself into one of today’s premenient rosters off the strength of their lean roster composed of some of the industry’s brightest talents. From arguable GOAT rapper Kendrick Lamar to the enchanting soulstress SZA, TDE casts a wide breadth within hip-hop, cornering it from almost every conceivable angle. Supplementing their star-studded line-up, Top Dawg has just added rapper Reason to the team.

Featured on the TDE-curated Black Panther album–released this past February–cut, “Seasons”, Reason is a talented lyricist armed with various flows. Today, he’s joined the news of his TDE signing with the release of his new single, “The Soul”.

Check out Reason’s new single below:


Zach H