Hot! Is Kanye West Dropping a New Album?


Fingers are crossed.

Kanye West is an enigma. This isn’t news or even an interesting fact–it simply just is. And even though we’re accustomed to his eccentric ways, he continues to consistently surprise us. His recent Instagram activity is no exception.

After ending his IG sabbatical by way of a scenic image, uploaded six-days ago, Ye has since uploaded 59 posts: Some are screenshots of texting conversations with friends–one of which was with Jerrod Carmichael; some are definitions to educate his followers (did you know that ad infinitum means limitless?); but none top the conversation-stirring post that he uploaded today.

A photo of cover art eerily similar to his intrepid 2013 Yeezus has found its way to Ye’s IG feed, posted roughly one-hour-ago: An iridescent CD housed in archaic protective plastic enclosed by a piece of pink tape. The motive behind the post? When we’re fed ambiguous information, we’re forced to draw conclusions–and the only logical conclusion to draw from this cryptic post is that Yeezus 2 is on the way.

With the onslaught of new music that Ye has provided us with this summer, an effective tribute to his production roots, it would be gluttonous to desire new Kanye music so fast. But perhaps Kanye doesn’t want to turn off this faucet of creativity that’s been flowing through his mind, mouth, and fingers all summer ‘18. Perhaps, he just wants to “get the people going”.

With no confirmation or denial, we’re allowed to let our imaginations run wild. Veering into the far column of conspiracy theories, it’s worth noting that Chance the Rapper–who has been seen in the studio with Kanye after the two announced that they were working on a project together–posted a photo today with the text, “Good Ass Job”. Before My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was released in 2010, Kanye said that his then upcoming album would provide closure to the scholastic arc explored on his first three releases (The College DropoutLate Registration, and Graduation), with the original title being Good Ass Job.

Is it possible that this Yeezus-looking cover art that Kanye posted today is alluding to the once promised Good Ass Job? Time will tell.

Take a look at Kanye’s IG post below:

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