Hot! IDK & Denzel Curry Deliver an Insane Collab in “Once Upon A Time”


What does the DMV and South Florida have in common? Incredible talent. 

While the majority of today’s hip-hop newcomers are mimicry in their stylistic approach, typically predicated on half-sung, half-rapped diluted lyrics over trap production, that doesn’t mean that it’s a blanketed approach for all burgeoning acts. Some individuals with resolve maintain the integrity necessary to not only propel their artistry forward, but to stand out–to be heard when everything else is falling on deaf ears.

Two of those individualistic members are the DMV’s IDK and South Florida’s Denzel Curry. These artists certainly harbor the eccentric characteristics necessary to spillover into hip-hop’s margins, but they do so in a very calibrated, well-articulated manner. They rely on their lyrics to facilitate the complex inner workings of their vast, pressurized minds. And today, they’ve joined forces on IDK’s “Once Upon A Time”, which, ironically, was recorded in the vein of Lil Wayne–all off the top.

Check out this refreshing offering below:


Zach H