Hot! HHG World Premiere – Whatzisface’s Best Of Mixtape

We’re proud to hit you with the premiere of Whatzisface’s latest mixtape, his best of. If you’ve been sleeping on the kid, now’s the perfect time to check out what you’ve been missing.


1. Ladies & Gents [prod. by ATG]
2. We Hate You Face [prod. by Whatzisface]
3. My Persona
4. Rock The Beat ft. AWKWORD & GuessWho? [prod. by Whatzisface]
5. Pump Up The Volume [prod. by Whatzisface]
6. So Long [prod. by JP of Blended Babies]
7. Victory
8. Judgment Day
9. Real Serious
10. The Get Up
11. I Aint Him
12. Misfit
13. And You Know This [prod. by Harry Fraud]
14. People Were Talking [prod. by Harry Fraud]
15. Heaven and Hell [prod. by JP Blended Babies]
16. Wise [prod. by Whatzisface]
17. Suicide Rate
18. Cross Paths
19. Untitled [prod. by JP Blended Babies]
20. Untitled [prod. by JP Blended Babies]
21. Cheers ft. AWKWORD [prod. by Whatzisface]
22. Double Dragons ft. GuessWho? [prod. by Harry Fraud]
23. T&C Surf Design ft. GuessWho? [prod. by Harry Fraud]
24. Anger Management [prod. by ATG]
25. Sometimes ft. GuessWho?