Hot! Game Releases New Track, “Heaven 4 A Gangster”


The Game is back.

No matter how long of a break he takes from the spotlight, we can always count on The Game to triumphantly return with his authoritative lyrical grit. Yesterday, he released a track in partnership with the A&E docu-series, Who Killed Tupac?, to commemorate Tupac on the anniversary of his death, “Heaven 4 A Gangster”.

In his typical style that has afforded him longevity and respect, Game passionately spits about his surroundings while commenting on rap’s current landscape. Accepting his place as one of rap’s OGs, he remarks, “I’m the OG to the YGs”, and “2Pac turning in his grave from all this nonsense / A little soldier ain’t from Bompton / I put that on the homies.” He continues to remark on Compton, and questions whether or not a heaven for a gangster really exists—similar to Tupac’s legendary song, “Thugz Mansion”.

Stream “Heaven 4 A Gangster” now below:


Zach H