Fox News Anchor, Laura Ingraham, Ignorantly & Disparagingly Speaks On Nipsey Hussle


Worst news network of all time? Yup, I think so.

One of hip-hop’s — and the black community at large — greatest enemies, Fox News, is back purveying cowardice slander against the late great Nipsey Hussle.

Anchor Laura Ingraham — perhaps best known for her repugnant demand for LeBron to just “shut up and dribble” and slandering one of the Parkland shooting survivors — jested about Hussle during a recent show, mocking him — incorrectly, I might add — about his contributions to YG’s “FDT.” A staunch and outspoken Trump supporter, Ingraham has allowed her “Make America Great Again” patronage to cloud any shred of human decency that she might have had remaining.

Obviously offended by the catchy protest song, Ingraham spoke in a ridiculing tone about this song and what it represents, simplistically deciphering it while missing the entire point of the song — showing her utter stupidity and removal from reality.

Given their heinous political agenda and racist rhetoric, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Fox News would stoop so low as to insult a man who was laid to rest five-days ago; who made incredible music, uplifted his community through action and leading by example, promoted black-owned businesses and employed his people when white establishment shunned them, by exclusively focusing on a song — that he was featured on, not his actual song — that attacked her deity, Trump. But, one would think, in the face of Nipsey’s tragic passing, they would show an ounce of respect by not trying to manipulate the narrative behind this great man — or just not speak on it all since they have nothing positive to say.

Fox News is its own breed of abborhence, though. A right-wing mouthpiece intent on demonizing the marginalized, this “news” network has yet again fully displayed their unconscionable ignorance.

In the words of the GREAT Nipsey Hussle and YG, “FUCK DONALD TRUMP!” Oh yeah, fuck Fox News and fuck Laura Ingraham, too.


Zach H