Hot! Childish Gambino Releases Powerful New Video, “This is America”


A raw look in the real America.

Donald Glover has never been one to muffle his opinion in fear of public perception; the desire to issue his message is too strong to deny. Taking a genuinely interesting, original approach to American race relations and the realities that exist beneath the surface, Donald, as Childish Gambino, just released his new track and video for “This is America”.

Weaving through differing styles, Donald dominates this onscreen performance with a charismatic display of raw talent that elucidates the black American’s perspective on life. From feeling like a cultural puppet to wanting to run for one’s life, Glover uses powerful imagery and symbolism to paint this melancholic dichotomy of black people being used for entertainment but unable to exist as they should–as people.

Watch “This is America” below:


Zach H