Hot! Casanova Releases “Gonna Love Me (Remix)”

NY: Roc Nation's The Brunch

In response to the assault allegations against him.

New York’s Casanova has been enjoying a fruitful ascent over the past couple of years. Through injecting a level of lyricism and classic hip-hop edge absent in the majority of today’s output, Cas has shouldered the responsibility of bridging yesterday’s sound with today’s horizon. However, it’s not all glitz and glamour for the COMMISSARY rapper. Recently, a woman accused Cas and his crew of assault.

Attempting to clear the air by leveraging his natural talents, Nova took to the booth to offer his side of the story through a remix of Teyana Taylor’s “Gonna Love Me”–a cut from her recently-released K.T.S.E.. Discussing the stress these allegations have caused him and his family, Cas used the track to say things like, “She said I broke her jaw, how you figure that?/Only time I hit a girl is when it’s from the back … Bottom line that bitch a liar/But I should have been at home and not the diner/Why the hell I’m up in Good Stuff with hoes when a nigga already got that good stuff at home?”.

The jury is out on the validity to each side’s argument, but we hope that justice is served. Listen to the Casanova rebuttal below:


Zach H