Hot! Armageddon – The ProfileWild Interview

Fat Joe always referred to Armageddon as the most loyal member of the Terror Squad clique, a high honor at the time, but in retrospect meant there was never a sense of urgency to put out Geddy’s music. Being down with Fat Joe led to Armageddon seeing the Terror Squad truly come together and fall apart, from the addition of Big Pun to the departure of Cuban Link. Armageddon even traded disses with Big Pun, in the name of friendly competition, over Terror Squad tracks. Now far removed from his TS days, Armageddon’s content to drop a song here and there but promises no album or steady stream of music, nor does he promise a return to the good ol’ days. Instead, in this interview, we see Armageddon like we never did, talking about where he’s been, looking back on his days in Terror Squad and where everyone is today, his friendly competition with Pun, the collapse of TS, and much more.

Here are some quotes from the feature:

On where he’s been the past few years:

I’ve always had this love/hate relationship with my music. I got this pattern that I disappear for three years and then I come back with music and then another three years and I come back with music. It’s never been like a crazy grind for me. It’s more of a creative venture for me. I disappear for a while, all the shit that’s going on in life and everything is influencing me at some point and I feel like I need to express this creatively. I go in the lab and work that out and somehow disappear for the next three years! (laughs) I’ve never been real consistent with my music. I probably should be, but it’s just never been my pattern.

On tension in Terror Squad when Remy Ma started dissing Fat Joe:

I think the time she started preparing herself to move on, we were in that same mindframe where we were going to do that shit ourselves. For me, it’s always been that no matter what’s going on between us, I always see him as big bro. Big Brother can disappoint you sometimes. He’s only human. I was like, ‘We’re going to get Big Bro to see our value.’ We used to sit and plot how we were going to go get a deal and he could see how she was worth putting out. I was really trying to help, myself as well as her. But then it got to the point where she couldn’t do it She had to move on and she boogeyed. With her boogying, I tried to hold on as long as possible but things were real bad. Things were real crazy. And finally Joe and I just had a falling out. We had an argument and he didn’t expect that shit from me because “Geddy’s always been the most loyal of the bunch.” When I look back at that scene, it kind of comes off as condescending. I didn’t look at it as an honorable title anymore so I had to step away and go my own separate way. Thats when I started doing the music myself and started investing in myself.

On where the other Terror Squad members are:

I see Prospect every once in a while. We stop and we kick it for a little bit. Cuban, we did this show out in Orlando. Before that we hadn’t really spoken or bumped heads or nothing like that, so that was a cool experience. But that was about it. Tony (Sunshine), I heard about but haven’t really spoken to him. Not really. There’s really no real connection. I think it’s one of those things where life goes on.

On his new song “Nightmares” and recording new music:

The “Nightmares” joint was just me trying something different. I’ve noticed throughout the years that my style changes. I’ve never been able to stay in a box and just have a sound, like an Armageddon sound. I always try to challenge my styles and writing and see what I can come up with next or what direction I can go with it. “Nightmares” is pretty much a comeback record, but at the same time it’s me being more creative and using my modern times as a bit of an influence as well. I’m working now. I have a project I’m working on. I’m waiting on a singer to lay his part. I’m getting an opera singer on that and I’ll drop that next. Where I’m at now is I’m dropping records every month and see how long I can keep doing that. To tell you the truth, I might end up doing something else in the next couple of months. That’s just me.