André 3000 Spotted Playing Flute At LAX


The legend of 3 stacks grows.

André 3000’s musical and personal endearance don’t just emanate from his superior talents — they also stem from his enigmatic presence. This eccentricity has made him the transcendent talent that he is today. Recently, he fully-displayed this mystique when he was found casually playing the flute while walking around an airport.

The individual who reported this tweeted her disbelief, saying, “I saw a man walking around my terminal playing a flute for 40min and was losing my mind because I thought it was André 3000. And then it WAS André 3000!!!”

Tweeted by journalist Antonia Cereijido, she, as most would, couldn’t quite believe that the aimless flutist was in fact famed member of the legendary Outkast. But, upon closer inspection, her suspicions were confirmed, and the legend of Andre grows.

Check out a photo of 3 stacks and Cereijido below:


Zach H