Hot! 50 Cent’s New Show Receives Release Date

Curtis Jackson

50 Cent has never been one to rest on his laurels. And he’s not starting anytime soon. 

50 Cent’s music career might never return to its former glory of Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ or The Massacre, but the veteran rapper has leveraged his industry clout for alternative opportunities time and time again. It’s just what strong-minded, ambitious individuals do: they reinvent themselves to consistently maintain presence and power. 

Amidst drama surrounding his hit Starz show, Power, 50 Cent, aka Curtis Jackson, has his eyes set on another media undertaking. This time around, he’s taking his talents to the unscripted stage.

Back in April ‘17, the “Many Men” artist announced a new variety show in partnership with BET, 50 Central—a half-hour variety segment complete with skits, pranks, musical performances, and celebrity guests. It was reported that the Viacom property picked up 24-episodes, and the release date was confirmed today: September 28th. Known for dabbling in various media and business ventures, from Vitamin Water to SMS Audio, a variety show adequately suits 50’s proclivity for diversity and multi-tasking. 50 is a presence, and now we can appreciate him in an unfiltered environment. Perhaps, this is where he belonged all along.

Jackson broke the news today via an Instagram post, showing the mogul stunting in his droptop Rolls Royce—50’s never been one for subtle announcements. 

Check out the post below, and be sure to tune-in to BET September 28th for another chapter in 50’s storied legacy.


Zach H