Hot! Yelawolf Releases “Mtn Dew Mouth Freestyle”


Trunk Muzik 3 is on the way.

As the long wait for Yelawolf’s Trunk Muzik 3 finally approaches its end, the 39-year-old rapper is in full marketing mode. Releasing new weekly freestyles since February, Yelawolf is back with another promotion effort, “Mtn Dew Mouth Freestyle”.

On-brand for the Radioactive rapper, “Mtn Dew Mouth Freestyle” is a lyrical barrage replete with metaphors, condensed bars, and an air of excitement leading-up to the final album on his Shady Records contract. Revealed at an August concert, Yelawolf informed fans that Trunk Muzik 3 will be his final album on the Eminem-helmed label, but said it in a grateful manner for everything Em and the Universal Music Group imprint has done for him and his career: “Trunk Muzik 3 is my last album on Shady Records. Five fucking albums on Shady Records. I feel blessed for that,” Yelawolf told the crowd.

Although no official TM3 release date is available, it’s on the way “soon”.

Watch the “Mtn Dew Mouth Freestyle” below:


Zach H