Hot! YBN Cordae Raps Nas & JAY Z Verses Verbatum

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On his For The Record episode with Rob Markman.

YBN Cordae is a special talent. While he’s only 21-years-old, the DMV rapper is wise beyond his years, evidenced on wax with his debut album, The Lost Boy.

Promoting the album while chopping it up over good hip-hop conversation, Cordae recently stopped by Genius’ studios for a conversation with Rob Markman on For The Record. During their dialogue, Cordae managed to recite Nas and JAY Z verses word-for-word — strictly from memory.

Tackling “I Can” by Nas and “U Don’t Know” from Hov, Cordae effortlessly recalls these verses with a smile on his face. Both of these legends played an instrumental role in Cordae’s Hip Hop tutelage, and he proudly calls them influences for his superior lyrical abilities.

Check out Cordae spitting these two verses by hitting play on the Genius video below:


Zach H