Hot! Video Teri Legato – American Renegade

The Word has Spoken about the whispering of an independent, female Hip Hop artist/poet out of Denver, Colorado who always came up “Too $hort” when the rules of “the Game” were involved. She eloped to Vegas and married said Game, divorced it’s players, and carved a path in a land she was told would ruin her. She is on her way to making a name for herself in today’s emulated Hip-Hop industry. Teri Legato, known as “the lyrical renegade” shares glittery, glorified, and somewhat grotesque details in her truth-be-told EP/Visual duo: American Renegade.

Despite what critics might glance at as a “dis track” towards pimps, homage is paid to the likes of her childhood influences. Fillmore Slim, Ice Cube, and the Hughes’s Bros. she describes as her Role Models. Listen to more of her poetic, comedic, and shockingly colorful tales on her East Coast attributed Mixtape that releases January, 2016 titled: Hip Hop & Chinese Food.


Zach H