Hot! Tech N9ne & Token Share Their Disdain For The “YouTube Rapper”

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Words are not minced on this scathing track.

On the surface, Token and Tech N9ne harbor little resemblance: the former, a 20-year-old white Jewish kid; the latter, the legendary 47-year-old black enigmatic industry pariah. But what they lack in physical similarities they compensate for with innate talent and perspective. The two MCs, separated by over two-decades, disdain rappers who avoid the effort necessary for honing the craft in favor of trends and gimmicks.

Putting their shared thoughts on wax, Tech N9ne and Token recently linked on “YouTube Rappers”–a collective shot at the charlatans who degrade their beloved culture through disingenuous means.

Listen to “YouTube Rapper” below:


Zach H